Welcome to Security Robot Support Page.

Welcome to Security Robot Support Page.

Your Security Cam Solution For Your Old iPhones, iPads and iPods.

  • No Monthly Subscription Fees.
  • No Internet Access Required.
  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Required.
  • No Third Party Cloud Storage Required.
  • No attendance required.


  • Only requires iOS 8 and above.
  • Any iPhone, iPad or iPod, dating back 2008
  • Any device with a camera support.


  • No need for a third party cloud service to store your videos.
  • All recorded videos are stored in your device only.
  • Only you can access videos with the Guided Access enabled.
  • Hacker proof. No one can break into your videos, unless WiFi or Bluetooth is ON.


  • Records up to about 12 hours on a full charge.
  • To record a full week or longer, plug in the device.
  • It records up to a week or longer, without any attendance.
  • All recorded videos are watermarked with timestamps.
  • To export a recorded video, use the Photos app to share the video in Air Drop with your Mac or PC.
  • Please turn OFF Bluetooth and Wifi, while using this app to be protected from wireless hacking by a remote hacker.
  • Please enable “Guided Access” to lock the device to Security App with a password.
  • This ensures that nobody else can deactivate the app and access or delete videos.

Advanced Features

  • Can record more than 2000 hours straight.
  • Records anything, unattended.
  • It will continuously record until you stop it.
  • Record your house, your office, your hotel room, your dorm, your shop, or anywhere, while you are gone!
  • Protected from Wi-Fi hacking. WPA2 is now breakable by hackers.
  • Night Recording with Flash enabled.
  • Watch video files directly from the app.
  • Tap “i” button to access all video recordings.
  • Copy video files via iTunes File Sharing.
  • And More!

Start/Stop Recording

  • Tap big circle button at bottom to start recording.
  • Toggle it again to stop recording.

Copy Video files

  • Use iTunes File Sharing to copy the recorded video files.
  • Under File Sharing in iTunes, tap the app and select all video files.
  • Drag-and-drop them to your desktop on a PC or a Mac.

Focusing Camera

  • Tap anywhere on the screen to re-focus the camera.
  • This auto-balances the camera focus, the contrast and white-balancing.

Night recording

  • Turn the flash on to enable the night recording.
  • The record capacity is determined by the free storage space available on your device.
  • Please try to free up storage space by deleting unused apps, photos, music or videos.
  • Please free up storage space before using this app.

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